Family history repeats itself

Leslie counts a loving family and enriching friendships among her many blessings. 

Given the experiences of her mother and two aunts, who were all diagnosed with breast cancer, Leslie worried for most of her life that she would someday hear the same dreaded news. It came in 2016. It was not an easy journey, but in 2022, she trumpeted the good news with her iconic megaphone: She’d made it all the way to the five-year, cancer-free milestone. 

Leslie tells her story the same way she approached her treatment: with grace, authenticity, and spirit. 

She was a successful marketing strategist who founded a marketing and advertising agency that served the likes of Milton Bradley, Friendly’s, Random House, and Apple. Leslie’s belief was that there comes a time in your life when you have “enough stuff.” She chose to retire early to enjoy her family and continue her passion for giving back to others through her volunteer activities. 

Leslie’s mother, Isabel, had a positive attitude and a giving spirit, too. After Isabel entered remission, her doctor asked her to share her cancer story with some of his other patients to give them peace of mind. Like her mother, Leslie is sharing her poignant photographic memoir I’m a lucky woman. The kindness continues and the hope spreads with every turn of the page.

Leslie and her husband, Ron, who walked every step of the way with her, live on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts.