A cancer story
like no other

Whether you are living with a breast cancer diagnosis—or the fear of one—or you have empathy for a friend or loved one who has been diagnosed, you’ll find inspiration and hope in Leslie Lawrence’s I’m a lucky woman: A Photographic Memoir of a Breast Cancer Survivor.

This debut memoir reveals a compelling portrait of one woman’s triumphant cancer journey. Leslie was undaunted by her breast cancer diagnosis and determined to face her illness head-on. 

She had the wits and drive to chronicle her emotional and physical experiences over her five-year cancer journey. Her deftly crafted essays, amplified with candid photographs, meaningful haikus, and unexpected humor, provide an inside look at life after a breast cancer diagnosis. Her story is both eye-opening and heartwarming.

Her journey from breast cancer patient to survivor is a beautiful reminder that a diagnosis is not a death sentence.